बालबोध Lesson 9 Study#2

भारतीय विद्याभवन – बालबोध

नवमः पाठः Ninth Lesson

There is no glossary in this lesson. There are 10 sentences in Sanskrit and their English translations. There is also a title at the beginning. =>

गृहम् = A house, home

  1. त्वं कुत्र गच्छसि ? = Where do you go ?
  2. अहं गृहं गच्छामि = I go home.
  3. मम गृहं समीपे एव अस्ति = My home is nearby.
  4. तस्य द्वारं विशालम् अस्ति = Its door is wide.
  5. द्वारस्य पुरस्तात् उद्यानम् अस्ति = There is a garden (park) in front of the house.
  6. मम गृहे मम माता, पिता, भ्राता च निवसन्ति = In my house my mother, father and brother reside.
  7. अहं मम गृहे निवसामि = I live in my house.
  8. तव गृहं कुत्र अस्ति ? = Where is your house ?
  9. मम गृहं नगरात् बहिः अस्ति = My house is outside the city.
  10. अतीव सुन्दरं मम गृहम् = Very beautiful (is) my house.


In this lesson there are following new words

द्वारम् = door माता = mother पिता = father भ्राता = brother

And there are indeclinables समीपे = nearby and बहिः = outside


Exercises at the end of the lesson ask framing sentences using the following words

  1. उद्यानात् बहिः 2. विद्यालयात् बहिः 3. पुरस्तात् 4. निवससि




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